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Message Kennerton Thror 11 Avr 2018 08:12

Message 11 Avr 2018 08:18

We are proud to announce our new flagship model - Thror, Odin's successor. It has a new, higher class and better performing driver. The new driver is made of high-tech materials and includes a new patented membrane, which delivers better resolution, extraordinary tonal balance and a perfect sound scene.

In addition we fixed the main Odin's issues - the weight. Thror is much lighter - 480 gr vs. Odin's 680.

The new model also has a new, more comfortable headband and a high class cable.
new unique high end driver
new wider headband with soft fill and better genuine leather
new cable

We are proud to announce a start of the new model Thror pre-order, which will be limited to 20 units.
First 10 orders will receive a special price of $3150 and a custom Litz cable by default (6.3mm or XLR on user choice).
The price for another 10 will be $3450, however they will also receive same custom Litz cable by default.

Driver Type        Planar Magnetic
Driver Unit        80 mm
Frequency Response        12-65000 Hz
Sensitivity        100 dB
Impedance        35 Ohm
Cord length        2 m detachable copper cable (6.3 mm)

Our drivers are solely designed and produced in Russia, which involves a facility that also work for the aerospace and military industries, which ensures the highest quality and durability of our headphones.

A new 80mm planar-magnetic driver, with every aspect of this technology being implemented, such as phase coherence, flat impedance and a low-mass diaphragm.
Multi-layer 10µm polyimide film diaphragm, tested to have the highest reliability and longevity in the most extreme environmental conditions.
FEM-Optimized Magnet System with 10 neodymium magnets arranged in symmetric push-pull configuration.
Unique semicircular bar magnets.
A semicircular form therefore has many advantages over the ordinary rectangular shaped bar magnets: It gives a more uniform magnetic field, greatly reduces internal resonances and produces an optimal sound.
Our driver allows greater sensitivity, thanks to its powerful magnets and low-mass diaphragm. It can therefore be easily driven by portable devices.

Message 11 Avr 2018 09:09

Super intéressant ! Mais le prix... Ouch !

Message 11 Avr 2018 09:24

Ouuuh mais c'est qu'il ressemble pas mal à son frère celui là  :lol:

Bon alors du coup différences sonore majeures: les nouveaux drivers ? Ils ont changés les pads aussi ?
Question confort, bandeau, poids, ça doit toujours être bon à prendre.

Bon ben plus qu'à passer chez pierre pour savoir si le jeu en vaut la (onéreuse) chandelle.

Message 11 Avr 2018 15:28

Eric65, l'a déjà testé en pré-version non finalisé sur HcFr.  ;-/

Message 12 Avr 2018 19:01

Encore ce système de fixation catastrophique et ces pad bien trop rigide... :8

Message 12 Avr 2018 20:21


Message 16 Avr 2018 13:59

It can therefore be easily driven by portable devices

Mais bien sûr ... Bon après, c'est vrai que leur Vali sonne super bien sur un Cowon P1. Mais pour l'Odin, c'était déjà un autre paire de manches ...

kirasd69 a écrit:Super intéressant ! Mais le prix... Ouch !

Il suffit d'être dans les dix premiers acheteurs ! Tu l'auras pour 3150 $ au lieu de 3450 $, c'est presque donné  8-D !!
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