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Message Nouveauté chez Garage 1217: project Kameleon 09 Oct 2016 13:20

Friends / Customers,
We have all sorts of things rolling here at G1217! Will make it as short as possible:

#1 Our Project Kameleon in-line filter will be shipping by the end of the month. This is first come first serve so please pre-order yours today!
- Kameleon is a powered in-line EQ that accepts modules custom designed for individual headphones. Issues with the headphones response are address - corrected. This takes already good headphones to the next level!
- Quite a few Kameleon modules have already been designed for a large qty of headphones - Feedback is outstanding! Once you hear a properly corrected headphone, going back is almost impossible.
- Kameleon has a power loop / output so you can use your stock G1217 amplifier power supply to power both Kameleon and your G1217 amplifier. The power switch on Kameleon will power your amplifier on and off too!
- Kameleon is available as a stand-alone product with its own power supply. This way - you can use it with ANY source / amplifier combo you like!
- Kameleon is an active filter and NOT software based
- The filter module can be totally bypassed without industry trickery (circuitry to make a bypass sound worse without the filter). This way you can truly A/B a filter module

To learn more about the in-line Kameleon filter, please visit our site and DIYAH forum! ... rs_019.htm ... llTo=22671

Sneak peek rendering of Project Kameleon:
Inline image

#2 YES YES YES - Our linear supply is seeing the light of day finally. Pictures of the production unit coming here in the next few weeks. Pre-order notification will be coming very soon, thanks for your patience!

#3 We have an in-line -20dB attenuator that is just about complete and ready for order. This simple plug in cable features high quality connectors and cable with a male 6.3mm / Female 3.5mm. PERFECT for those that love to listen to IEM's on tube gear or need a serious reduction in output power. Really drops the noise floor to virtually nothing and helps eliminate risk to blowing your IEM's or super sensitive headphones! If demand calls for it, a -10-12dB will also be made.

Jeremy Helms | Electron Plumber | Tube Wrangler
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